Ruben ZERECERO: Quarterfinalist

Name: Ruben Zerecero



Mexico City

Qualification route for FIWC11: Qualified via Online Season 5

Performance at FIWC11 Grand Final: Quarter-final stage

Hobbies: Spending time with my girlfriend, watching movies, reading, playing video games.

CF America

Favourite player:
C. Ronaldo

Favourite team in FIFA 11:

Favourite player in FIFA 11:
Cristiano Ronaldo

Favourite formation used:

What has been your best result at the FIWC leading up to the 2011 edition?
I finished in third place in 2005 and in second place in 2009.

When did you start to play the EA SPORTS™ FIFA-series?
Since FIFA 98 Road to World Cup.

Do you have any advice for players still looking to qualify for an FIWC Grand Final?
Never give up and always fight for your dreams

What would you do with the prize money?
Save some of it to buy a house and give some to my mother

How do you rate your chances for the Grand Final?
I can win it. It is one of my biggest dreams and I will fight with all I’ve got to reach it.