It's time for tournament mode

We are now just hours away from the start of the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2011 Grand Final! While the Grand Finalists will be enjoying a number of VIP activities during their stay in the City of Angels, there is the more important matter of a world championship to decide.

Tournament draw
Upon their arrival in Los Angeles on 7 June, the FIWC11 Grand Finalists can look forward to a relaxing first-day in the luxurious confines of a Hollywood Mansion. In the evening, they will enjoy a poolside barbecue and get the chance to hang out and play some EA SPORTS™ FIFA 11 just for the fun of it. The Group Stage Draw will take place on Tuesday evening (PST). There will be four groups consisting of 6 players. Once the groups have been decided, the players will retire for the night to rest and reflect on their strategy ahead of the big day.

Group stage
Wednesday morning means crunch-time for our Grand Finalists!  The first three rounds of the group stage will be played in the glamorous interior of the Hollywood mansion. Our Grand Finalists will break for the afternoon and enjoy some larger than life activities before contesting the final two rounds of the group stage. The two remaining rounds will take place in the late afternoon at a very special location - the 32nd floor of an incredible skyscraper in Downtown Los Angeles! The Grand Finalists will literally have the world at their feet as they battle for qualification to the backdrop of the L.A. skyline.

The knockout stage
After the five group stage rounds have been completed, the top two ranked players from each of the four groups will progress to the quarter-final stage. Once the final four players have been decided there will be a draw to determine the semi-final pairings. The semi-finals, third place playoff and the final will take place on Thursday at the spectacular Mayan Theatre in downtown L.A.

By Thursday evening on 9 June we will have crowned the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2011 champion. Be sure to follow the FIWC on Twitter as we bring you all the FIWC thrills and skills live from Los Angeles.

 Tuesday, 7 June
Group stage draw
Wednesday, 8 June
Group Stage: Round 1, 2 and 3
 Wednesday, 8 June Group Stage: Round 4 and 5
 Downtown L.A.
 Wednesday, 8 June Quarter-finals Downtown L.A.
 Thursday, 9 June
 Semi-finals, third-place playoff and final
Mayan Theatre, Downtown L.A.