Grand Finalists will conquer gravity

This year’s FIFA Interactive World Cup Grand Finalists have an exciting programme of events to look forward to upon touching down in Los Angeles. With just hours to go until the group stage kicks off for the FIWC11 Grand Final, we can already give you an exclusive insight into what awaits the participants in sunny California.

Flying finalists
Our FIWC11 Grand Finalists will not only get the chance to try and conquer the virtual football tournament they will also be given the opportunity to conquer gravity itself! Each of the 24 finalists will get the chance to enjoy some radical Bodyflying. You enter a powerful wind chamber which blows air at an adrenaline-inducing 180-220 kilometers per hour, lifting you off the ground and giving you the sense of pure flight. No wings, engines or parachutes needed! It promises to be an unforgettable activity for our finalists.

Back on solid ground
Following that exhilarating excursion, the finalists will need to get their feet back on the ground as quickly as possible and focus on the Grand Final itself. No doubt they are going to require every ounce of their concentration if they hope to mount a serious challenge for the title.

Bodyflying is just the beginning. We have several other surprises in store for the finalists. Keep an eye on the FIWC section of for regular updates from Los Angeles. You can also follow the FIWC on Twitter for live coverage throughout the tournament.