Brazil hosts last live qualifier

Everything was set for a fantastic festival of virtual football as the final live qualification event for the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2011 took place in one of the most passionate footballing nations in the world, Brazil.

Total focus was the order of the day in the battle for the last available ticket to Los Angeles. The large crowd was treated to a series of tense and exciting preliminary round games, but as the decisive matches came closer and closer, more and more fans clustered round the huge LED screens, taking in all the drama of the knockout stages. After a truly thrilling final, Felipe Moura won the event and claimed the last available Grand Final seat.

Freestyle show in the home of football artistry
Away from the consoles, the entertainment programme was an equally big hit with the crowds. Fittingly for a nation renowned for its wealth of talent and technical mastery, visitors were invited to show off their ball skills on a mini-pitch set up for the purpose. It all turned spectacular when a troupe of pro freestylers put on a show full of breathtaking tricks and stunts.

Grand Final beckons
The finale for FIWC11 is coming closer and closer, and the tension is mounting. The list of finalists for the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2011 is complete and preparations for the Los Angeles Grand Final, running from 7-9 June, are in full swing. Be sure to follow the FIWC on Twitter to stay up to date with all the latest news.