Tyronne ALLEN: Quarterfinalist
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Name: Tyronne Allen

Age: 20

Country: England

City: London

Qualification route for FIWC11: Winner of MTV Wild Card

Performance at FIWC11 Grand Final: Quarter-final stage

Hobbies: Football, table tennis, tennis and going out with friends

Favourite club:

Favourite player:
Thierry Henry

Favourite team in FIFA 11: Chelsea

Favourite player in FIFA 11: Nicolas Anelka

Favourite formation used: 4-5-1

What has been your best result at the FIWC leading up to the 2011 edition?
Being selected as the MTV Wild Card winner.

When did you start to play the EA SPORTS™ FIFA-series?
I started playing the EA SPORTS™ FIFA-series as far back as FIFA 07.

Do you have any advice for players still looking to qualify for the Grand Final?

Try your best, train hard and work on your defence the most, it is the key. Also, try not to crumble under pressure.

What would you do with the prize money?

I’d probably buy a car, go and holiday and save the rest.

How do you rate your chances for the Grand Final?
My strengths are my confidence and my ability to analyze my opponents strengths and weaknesses.