Globetrotters top our player survey

Whether meeting new people, competing against the best gamers in the world at the Grand Final or simply enjoying the famous community atmosphere, there are plenty of great reasons to get involved in the FIFA Interactive World Cup.

We wanted to know what motivates each and every one of you to participate in the world’s largest virtual tournament. And so, a few weeks ago, we asked FIWC fans to take our ‘Which type of player are you?’ survey. The response was overwhelming.

Globetrotters top the pile

The type of player which received the most votes was the ‘Globetrotter’, providing further proof that the FIFA Interactive World Cup unites people from all over the world. Thanks to its global reach, the FIWC offers gamers the opportunity to pit themselves against other like-minded individuals from just about anywhere.

The ‘Patriot’ – a player who defends the honour of their country in every match – ranked second among the most popular player types. Naturally this kind of gamer’s sole ambition is to bring the FIWC trophy back to their homeland and fill their nation with pride.

Prizes or principles?
‘Trophy Hunter’ and ‘Captain of Clean’ were almost level in third and fourth respectively, showing it is not only the fantastic prizes, but also the community spirit which makes the FIWC such a popular event. Indeed, the majority of our users suggested the mixture of competitiveness and fun was the main reason for taking part in the FIFA Interactive World Cup.

Whether for glory, national pride or prize money, we are delighted to welcome all gamers and are very proud to announce that over 700,000 gamers joined in this year’s event - the seventh edition of the FIFA Interactive World Cup.

With the Grand Final just days away, make sure you check back here regularly for updates from the big event in Los Angeles. Also, be sure to follow the FIWC on Twitter for the latest news on all things FIWC.