Brewster: That step further

With Season 5 well under way, there are only four remaining seats available through online qualification for the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2011 Grand Final.

One player that has already booked his Grand Final seat is England’s Robert Brewster. Robert finished second in Season 2 of online play to claim a ticket to the FIWC11 Grand Final. We sat down with the FIWC10 UK champion and asked him about his expectations for FIWC11. So Robert, when did you start playing the EA SPORTS™ FIFA series?
Robert Brewster:
The first FIFA I bought was FIFA 08, so I started playing it early on in 2009. As soon as I got the game I started to play online. That is what really thrills me about the game: the fact that you compete with the best players in the world.

What have been your best results in the FIWC so far?
In 2009 I placed sixth in Europe for the online qualifiers which was sadly just one place outside of qualifying. In 2010 I tried qualifying through live events and managed to win the UK final, beating Adam Winster at the EMIRATES Stadium. I then finished fifth overall at the FIWC10 Grand Final in Barcelona.

That’s quite an achievement. So this year you presumably want to do even better?
Definitely! I want to go that step further. I was close last year and was tipped by many to be a contender to win it, but it didn’t work out as planned. This year, I’m going all out to win it and get that big prize!

So how do you prepare for that? Do you have a secret FIWC recipe?
The week before the final, I will put in plenty of practice online against some of the top players in the world. Hopefully this should leave me prepared to put up a title challenge.

Any plans for what you would do with the USD 20,000 prize?
I'm not entirely sure on what I would spend the bulk of the money on. But a holiday would be in order at the least.

And what about the FIFA Ballon d'Or... which player would you like to meet the most?
Messi would be the highlight. He is easily the best player of his generation!

A topic of interest for many of our readers is the team selections and formations used by top players. What has been your team of choice in FIWC11?
I used Belgium during online qualification simply because they have some massive brutes in the team. I think there was a total of five players who were 6'4 so it gave me that extra advantage from set pieces and corners when trying to nod down balls or going for a direct route to goal.

Which tactical formation did you use?
I'm the defensive type of player. Defenders do win titles! Any team should be based on a solid defence. There is no point scoring five goals but conceding six. I play either 4-2-3-1 or 4-1-2-1-2.

There are still a lot of players out there trying to qualify. Any advice for them?
Use a formation that works for your playing style. Don't try and use one just because someone else uses it well.