Which type of player are you?
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All FIWC11 gamers have two things in common - a love of football and a passion for EA SPORTS™ FIFA11. But on top of that, each gamer brings a whole host of character traits and personal motivations to the FIFA Interactive World Cup.

So that’s why we want to know: Which type of FIWC player are you?

We’ve created six player types. Read through the different bios and tell us via Twitter which type of player best represents you!

Simply click on the link underneath the player that best typifies you and post it on Twitter. We’ll reveal the results soon on FIFA.com. Stay on the ball!

The six types of FIWC player:


The Globetrotter

From a buzzing metropolis to a lonely desert or a snow-capped mountain – the Globetrotter is at home all over the world. Never happier than when explaining the finer points of Italian catenaccio to his opponent in Spanish while simultaneously eating sushi with chopsticks and dancing like a Cossack, the globetrotter looks forward to discovering new cultures every day on his stroll around the global village!
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The Captain of Clean

Prize money is an afterthought for The Captain of Clean and only crosses his mind when he’s forced to nominate which charity to donate it to. On a moral crusade to uphold virtues such as politeness and modesty, he embodies the Corinthian spirit at every turn. Never one to gloat in victory, after scoring he’d rather lift the spirits of his adversaries with a consolatory word.
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Captain of Clean

The Patriot

With a flag draped over his shoulders as he proudly walks the Live Event floor, the Patriot has grander ideals to pursue at the FIFA Interactive World Cup. He’s there to represent his country and make his fellow citizens proud. Draped in his country’s colours, he rehearses his national anthem with fervour before kick-off and feels the backing of an entire nation with every sliding tackle and shot he makes.
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The Socialite

Winning and losing are but a secondary consideration for the Socialite. A chilled chat with his opponent about the weekend’s results or adding a new contact to his address book means more to the Socialite than his current FIWC ranking. It’s not uncommon for the Socilaite to touch base with his opponents for some post-match chatter. These conversations usually end with the two gamers setting off together to play some football with some friends on the beach or in a park.
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The Trophy-Hunter

A place has already been reserved on the wall above the Trophy-Hunter’s bed for his winner’s certificate. After all, if the game’s not about winning, then what’s the point! This is the attitude he brings to every match. The Trophy-Hunter is secure in his own ability and ruthless in pursuit of glory. Others may see him as arrogant, but he has little time to waste on their opinions. He’s got more pressing concerns – like finding room in his cabinet for more silverware or what colour tie should wear to the next FIFA Ballon d’Or Gala.
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The Joker

Others hold their head in their hands and shriek in dismay when they score an own goal. Not the Joker. He’s more likely to crease up with laughter as he watches his defender blunder the ball past his own keeper over and over again in slow motion. Laughter is the best medicine for the Joker and even missed goalscoring opportunities are unlikely to wipe the smile from his face.
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