Alfonso RAMOS

Online Qualifier Season 3

Name: Alfonso Ramos Cuevas

Age: 22

Country: Spain

City: Sama de Langreo

Profession: Student

Hobbies: Football, Music, going out with my friends and video-games

Favourite player: Xabi Alonso

Favourite club: Real Madrid

Favourite team in FIFA 11: Real Madrid

Favourite formation used: Any formation with 4 defenders

When did you start playing the EA SPORTS™ FIFA series?
I started to play FIFA in 1997

What do you recommend other players that also want to qualify for the grand final?
Practice a lot, find the formation that suits you best and focus on your defense. And when it comes to attacking: be creative!

What was your best result at the FIFA Interactive World Cup so far?
I am the 2008 FIWC Champion

How do you rate your chances for the FIWC11 Grand Final?
In this moment, I don't think I’ll be FIWC champion again. I’m focusing to improve my skills right now to pass the group stage. But if I make it to the knock-out stage anything can happen!