Online Qualifier Season 2

Robert Brewster

Age: 18

Country: England

City: Huddersfield

Profession: Employee

Hobbies: Football, going out with friends

Favourite player: Anthony Pilkington

Favourite club: Huddersfield Town

Favourite team in FIFA 11: Huddersfield Town

Favourite formation used: 4-1-2-1-2

When did you start playing the EA SPORTS™ FIFA series?
I started playing the FIFA series in 2009.

Why do you take part in the FIFA Interactive World Cup?
I take part to win! I do play lots of other cups but the FIWC definitely means the most to me.

What was your best result at the FIWC so far?
My best result was last year when I finished fifth.

How do you rate your chances for the FIWC11 Grand Final?
I want to go the step further. I was close last year and was tipped by many to put a challenge up to actually win it, but it didn’t work out as planned. This time, I’m going all out to win it and get that big prize!