FIWC Tutorial 8: The Heel Chop

This week we present the third and final instalment of our tutorial series with Freestylin' Francis, who kindly offered to share his favourite skills at the FIWC 11 Live Qualifier Event held in London last month.

Francis' trick of choice for today is the 'Heel Chop'. It may not be quite as spectacular as the 'Rainbow Flick', as featured in the last tutorial, but it can be far more effective! To learn how to pull off this Special Move, simply watch the video on the right.

The Heel Chop is particularly useful when cutting inside from the wing into the box. The likes of Arjen Robben and Cristiano Ronaldo often use it to great effect, leaving opposing defenders in their wake.

Reigning FIFA Interactive World Champion Nenad Stojkovic is a huge fan of this trick, explaining that it is one of the few Special Moves he actually uses to shake off defenders in competitive EA SPORTS™ FIFA 11 matches.

Have you been using the Heel Chop during the FIFA Interactive World Cup? Share your opinions on this Special Move in the 'Add your comment' section at the bottom of the page!