Four more Grand Finalists confirmed

It is with great satisfaction that we are able to announce the winners of Seasons' 2 and 3 of online qualification for the FIWC11 Grand Final!

In Season 2, Falcaogarcia-Col of Colombia and DignitasBrewster from England came out on top, while Season 3 saw both R_Carlos3 of Spain and Dvffgvhnjk from Saudi Arabia earn the chance to become the next FIFA Interactive World Champion. We congratulate all four players on their fantastic achievements and look forward to welcoming them at the Grand Final.

Unlike in Season 1, when both winners were from South America, the latest four Grand Finalists hail from three different continents: Asia, Europe and South America, once again showing the global reach of the FIFA Interactive World Cup!

Meet the faces behind the names
Stay tuned! In the coming days, we will be publishing player profiles on our current list of confirmed FIWC11 Grand Finalists.