For the love of the game: Abdulaziz Shiddo

Recently we asked FIFA Interactive World Cup fans to send us their FIWC stories. FIWC10 Grand Finalist Abdulaziz Shiddo from Sudan is the first to share his FIWC story with us.

Abdulaziz: "At the age of 7 my footballing mind kicked into action. I started to understand the game and fell totally in love with it. At that time, I extended my football knowledge by watching every game possible and of course seized every opportunity to get out there and play myself.

I jumped right into video gaming soon after consoles came out here (Sudan), and finally I could put all of my footballing ideas into full use. Not a day went by without me playing, watching, or simulating football. When I turned 16, I was actually a very talented football player and many people thought that I could go professional. However, my circumstances made it very difficult for me to accomplish this dream so I decided to focus on playing football virtually.

When Playstation®3 and EA SPORTS™ FIFA08 came out, I started playing online and saw that this was a whole different level of football simulation. I could put all my ideas into a game that was almost perfect, and most of the time I ended up on top. Consequently, I decided to take part in FIWC10, and it turned out to be very hard work.

I played against the top players online, and soon realized that I was one of the best. Qualifying as number one in Africa made me and my whole country very proud. It has surely been one of the biggest achievements of my life. My feelings couldn’t be put into words when I found out that I would be going to the Grand Final in Barcelona and taking part in an official FIFA tournament. Finally all of my efforts had paid off.

Qualifying as number one in Africa made me and my whole country very proud. It has surely been one of the biggest achievements of my life.
Abdulaziz Shiddo on qualifying for FIWC10

I left Sudan, heading to Barcelona highly motivated to bring home the trophy. My tournament began as well as it possibly could have by beating 2008 FIWC champion Alfonso Ramos 5-1 and drawing with Russia's Musibov 1-1. Despite losing against England's Danny Taylor 4-5, I qualified for the next round, finishing second in my group. My adrenaline was pumping. I was getting closer and closer to becoming the next FIWC champion.

When it came down to the last 16, I had to face one of the tournament favourites, Chris Bullard, and I ended up winning 3-1 even though I had gotten a red card. In the quarter finals, unfortunately, my hopes of claiming the FIWC10 crown were ended by 2009 champion, Bruce Grannec.

Even though I didn’t win the tournament, I went home with a huge smile on my face and received a very warm African welcome. Among all of those people shouting and cheering, I realised that my FIWC story was not over yet."