Possession: The key to FIWC success
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'As long as your team has the ball, your opponent can't score!'

Several well-respected coaches have achieved great success employing the aforementioned tactical concept, among them Louis van Gaal at Bayern Munich, Pep Guardiola of Barcelona and Vicente del Bosque with the Spanish national team. True to life, EA SPORTS™ FIFA 11 also gives you the chance to lead your team to the top in the same style. Simply select the individual tactic 'possession' before the start of a match.

Patience required
Essential to this tactic are players with good passing and control attributes, as they will need to be able to pass accurately to their team-mates in order to maintain possession. The ultimate goal is to find a hole in the opposition defence and take advantage with a killer ball or Special Move. The possession tactic puts the opposition under considerable pressure, causing them to waste valuable energy supplies closing down space in the hope of eventually winning the ball back.

Defend your lead
The possession tactic is highly recommended for when your team is in front. Keeping the ball among your own ranks as the clock ticks away gives your opponent less time to turn the game around.

Hardly spectacular
The obvious disadvantage to the possession tactic is that it rules out risky passes and limits the likelihood of an attacking spectacle.

What are your thoughts on the possession tactic? Is it better to keep hold of the ball and patiently await your chance? Or do you prefer to take more risks? We're eager to hear your views and opinions!

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