Shielding, flicks and sidesteps: Part 2 of the trickster trilogy

In the latest instalment of our three-part tutorial, we present several more useful ways of shaking off your marker by taking advantage of the Special Moves available in EA SPORTS™ FIFA 11.

Shielding the ball
When playing EA SPORTS™ FIFA 11 you will often find yourself in a tight spot where it is important not to lose possession. Shielding the ball can provide vital extra seconds to pick out the right pass. To do this in EA SPORTS™ FIFA 11, hold both the L2 and R2 buttons down at the same time to position your player’s body between ball and opponent. You can continue to move your player around using the left analogue stick. Be careful not to shield the ball for too long, though, or a second defender might steal in from the other side and snatch possession!

Skip past your opponent
Another great way to show your opponent a clean pair of heels is to drag the ball back with sole of your boot and then flick it past your opponent with your standing foot. To do this in EA SPORTS™ FIFA 11, hold down the L2 button and press the right analogue stick first forwards and then backwards. This trick is particularly effective for finding a way past two defenders who are fairly far apart from one another.

Avoid tackles with the Sidestep
A defender is charging towards you, none of your team-mates are available for pass, it's too late to turn... surely an impossible situation? Not the case! Leave your opponent kicking at thin air by rolling the ball to the left or right with the sole of your boot. To execute this Special Move, hold down the L2 button whilst moving the right analogue stick to the left or right. With practice, this can also be a great way of rounding the goalkeeper in one-on-one situations.

Let us know which Special Moves you think are the most effective and which ones are purely for showboating by using the 'Add your comment' section below.

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