FIWC Live Events: All you need to know

Competing against thousands of gamers from all over the world in the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2011 online qualification seasons is a major challenge in itself, but imagine sitting opposite your opponent as you battle it out to become the world's top EA SPORTS™ FIFA 11 player for 2011.

A total of ten places at this year’s Grand Final are up for grabs at FIWC11 Live Events right across the world. Due to the enormous demand for places, many countries are also staging pre-qualifying tournaments.

These pre-qualifying tournaments offer a route into the nationwide final, the winner of which will earn a place at the FIWC 2011 Grand Final and the chance to win USD 20,000, as well as an unforgettable trip to the FIFA Ballon d'Or Gala.

Time for us to answer some of most frequently-asked questions regarding the Live Events:

Where do the Live Events take place?
A list of pre-qualifying tournaments and national finals can be found right here on the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2011 website under the ‘Events' section.

How do I register?
For some events, registration can be completed online via an event specific EA website. For others, registration will take place on site. Visit the dedicated EA website for each country hosting a live qualification event to find out how to register.

What are the general requirements for taking part?
The requirements for participating at the Live Events vary from country to country, so do take a moment to familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions on the FIFA Interactive World Cup website.

Be a part of it!
If you haven't qualified via one of the online seasons make the most of the Live Events to secure your place at the Grand Final! Register for the pre-qualifying tournaments now and be there when the search for the greatest EA SPORTS™ FIFA 11 player in your country begins!