Choose your favourite club!

Chelsea, Barcelona, Inter Milan and Real Madrid all rank among Europe's most succesful clubs and are revered the world over. Unsurprisingly, these continental powerhouses also dominate the scene at the FIFA Interactive World Cup, with gamers choosing to play as these sides more than any others.

Of course, there are also many participants who prefer to compete as smaller, lesser-known clubs. To make sure there are no unfair advantages on account of a player’s choice of team, all the clubs are set to equal strength at the FIWC. This enables the perceived weaker teams to compete on a level playing field with the more established big names.

Which team are you competing as at the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2011? Do you prefer the more famous clubs or are you loyal to your local side? Use the ‘Add your Comment’ section below to share your views with other FIWC gamers!

Stay on the ball! The third online season of the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2011 runs from 1 to 25 February, so get involved now to give yourself a chance of reaching the Grand Final, where you could win USD 20,000 as well as a fantastic trip to the FIFA Ballon d’Or Gala!