Training with Nenad: The fake and side step
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It’s time for another episode in our weekly FIFA Interactive World Cup video tutorial series. Join FIWC10 champion Nenad Stojkovic as he discusses two of his favourite special moves when playing EA SPORTS™ FIFA 11.

In this tutorial Nenad explains, in detail, how to perform special moves like the fake and the side-step – two tricks that he believes are very effective against defenders. (To watch the video simply click on the video link to the right of this article.)

The use of special moves is one of the most discussed topics amongst FIFA Interactive World Cup gamers. Some FIWC gamers believe tricks like step-overs, fakes and 360° turns are efficient ways to help score goals while others believe that these moves are more style than substance. What do you think? Leave a comment at the bottom of this article.

Once you have perfected some special moves why not test your skills against the world? Season 3 of online qualification for the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2011 is currently underway. Join the fun and try to qualify for the FIWC11 Grand Final. The FIWC11 champion will walk away with USD 20,000 in prize money and a trip for two to next year’s FIFA Ballon d'Or!