Training with Nenad: Setting up your team

What better way to prepare for this year's FIFA Interactive World Cup than to pick up a few tips and tricks from reigning FIWC champion Nenad Stojkovic?

Starting this Friday, we'll be posting weekly tutorial videos featuring suggestions and advice from Nenad. In our first video tutorial, called Team Setup, Nenad reveals which formation and tactics helped him win last year's title. He also explains the strengths and weaknesses of his favourite team Chelsea, as well as his most successful method of scoring goals.

Watch our first tutorial with Nenad now! Just click on the video to the right of this article.

Of course there are many different routes to success, so whether you decide to follow Nenad's advice or devise your own strategy, we look forward to welcoming you to the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2011. And don't forget, Season 3 of FIWC11 online qualification kicks off on the 1st of February!