Employing the counter-attack Inter-style
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Cast your mind back to the semi-finals of the 2009/10 UEFA Champions League, when Inter Milan sent hot favourites Barcelona crashing out of the competition thanks to a tactical master class from coach Jose Mourinho. 

I Nerazzurri subsequently progressed to the final in Madrid, eventually celebrating their third European crown with a 2-0 victory over Bayern Munich. Whereas Barcelona and Bayern relied on possession and controlling the game's tempo, Inter's preferred tactic was a solid defence allied with targeted counter-attacks. Below, we take a look at the Inter Milan counter-attack style and relate it to EA SPORTS™ FIFA 11.

Getting forward quickly
Building on a solid defence is probably the best way to describe the individual tactic 'Counter' in EA SPORTS™ FIFA 11. The idea behind this system is to tempt the opposition into attacking and then take advantage of the resulting space in behind with quick, direct counter-attacks. The L2 button, which allows you to send your players clean through, plays an important role here. In order to execute the perfect counter-attack, you will need some speedy players in your squad, so make sure your strikers have good 'Pace' attributes.

Special Moves like the Stepover and the 360° turn can also be useful in one-on-one situations in the final third. You can find out how to execute these in our Special Moves Tutorial.

Maintaining a solid defence also allows you to make good use of the flanks. You can set your preferred mentality using the right directional button. We recommend combining the 'Counter' tactic with a more defensive mentality. If you have enough fast and skilful strikers in your team, 'very defensive' can also be a wise choice, though it will decrease the amount of opportunities you have to get forward.

The 'Counter' tactic is a sensible choice if you are up against an attacking team with three strikers. However, if your opponent is defensively-minded, it is probably better to adopt a more offensive approach.

What do you think of the 'Counter' tactic? An effective way of overcoming your opponent? Or do you feel that it ruins the flow of the game?