Name: Tan Kim Leong

Age: 24

Hometown: Singapore

Country: Singapore

Profession: Sales Executive (video games and mobile phones)

Favourite hobbies: Soccer and video games

Football club you support: Manchester United

Favourite national team: Spain

Favourite player: David Beckham

Favourite team in EA SPORTS™ FIFA 10? Real Madrid

Favourite formation used: 4-4-2

Favourite player in EA SPORTS™ FIFA 10? Raul

How many hours a week to do you practice? 4 hours

Toughest online competitor you have played against and why? David Raveloson from France. He has the potential to win the Grand Final

Ever been to a FIWC Grand Final? This will be my first Grand Final and my boss is coming to support me!

Why do you think you will win the Grand Final? No one will have me as a favourite as the European players are usually favourites but since I am the Asia number one I am going to do my best in Barcelona!