Eduardo LILLO (CHI)

Name: Eduardo Lillo

Age: 20

Hometown: Viña del Mar

Country: Chile

Profession: Student

Favourite hobbies: Play football or videogames

Football club you support: Union Española (Chile)

Favourite national team: Chile

Favourite player: Alexis Sanchez

Favourite team in EA SPORTS™ FIFA 10? Chelsea

Favourite formation used: 5-2-3

Favourite player in EA SPORTS™ FIFA 10? Didier Drogba

How many hours a week to do you practice? 15 hours

Toughest online competitor you have played against and why? Ruben Zerecero, because I was winning 4-0 when he came back and tied the match in the last minute.

Ever been to a FIWC Grand Final? This is my first Grand Final.

Why do you think you will win the Grand Final? Because I have all the potential to win a grand final and I have the "JOGO BONITO!"