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Name: Emin Museibov

Age: 21

Hometown: Moscow

Country: Russia

Profession: Student. I'm studying Business and Analysis

Favourite hobbies: Playing Football and interested in cars

Football club you support: CSKA Moscow and Chelsea

Favourite national team: Russia

Favourite player: Andre Arshivan

Favourite team in EA SPORTS™ FIFA 10? Chelsea

Favourite formation used: 4-4-2

Favourite player in EA SPORTS™ FIFA 10? Didier Drogba

How many hours a week to do you practice? 10 hours

Toughest game during qualification? The Russian Final. The crowd wanted my opponent to win, which got me really focussed but I was very nervous.

Why do you think you will win the Grand Final? I think if luck is on my side, I will have a good chance of winning the Grand Final.