ELDIOS on top of the world
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The leaderboard has been updated and a few true-blue competitors have been relegated as gamers around the globe up the ante. The European Zone is becoming extremely competitive with 18 out of the top 25 global players hailing from that particular region, but only four can advance to the Grand Final in Berlin, Germany.

Leading the table is ELDIOS from Spain while former leader bstay85 is now in 5th position. Frenchman FigoAllan is close on the leader's heels, with only 75 points between first and second place.

ELDIOS (aka Iván Soberon) briefly spoke to FIFA.com about his new position and overall interest in football. A student in Spain, his favourite hobby is playing PS3 and it has paid off as he won 343 out of 400 matches. The 18-year-old said: "I play every time I have a free minute."

He comes from Santander in the north of Spain and is loyal to his local club, Real Racing Club de Santander who are currently mid-table in Spain's La Liga. His favourite team in FIFA08 is last year's FIFA Fair Play award winners, Barcelona and his favourite player in the game is FIFA World Player of the Year runner-up, Cristiano Ronaldo. He decided to 'keep mum' on his tactics and preparation for matches, only saying: "that's a secret, and I can't tell!"

The movers
There has been a dramatic shuffle in positions in Europe once again. arsenalfc is in 3rd place and fellow countrymen are also in the top 20 - westahmfan89 in 12th, KentUK in 17th and LordSuffolk in 19th. Meanwhile, herex from Spain has broken into the top 10 in 6th place, while fellow Spaniards Darkpuff, Jowififa08 and ERTITOVICIUS occupy positions 20-22.

In the North and Central American zone, michs09 moves into pole position. Former leader Vivasocca007 has seemingly dropped out the race and Strikeforce1 has reclaimed a qualification spot.

mikkael has ended choosen's domination of the African zone, and is currently in the qualification position available for Africa. In the Oceania zone, HopsNZ has managed to hold onto his qualification spot.

In Asia, bstay85 has been outdone by SCOOREY, who has been threatening since the last round but the race between the two is exceptionally close. Only 10 points separates them, while FiNeSse7 has not had a good round and third place now belongs to Saint666.

One thing is clear, as the FIFA Interactive World Cup draws closer, many gamers are going the extra mile to ensure they qualify, like SCOOREY, who has played 1131 matches or gilfa who has played an astonishing 1409 matches.