bstay85's, recipe for success is simple: "Be creative, try to read your opponents mind before implementing any strategies". As the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2008 Grand Final quickly approaches, bstay85 (real name Buey Siong Tay), amassed an impressive 4993 points to top the latest World and Asian rankings. He was reluctant to tell about his recipe for success, simply saying "it's a secret!"

The investment consultant from Kuala Lumpur, who is now living in Australia is a huge fan of Barcelona and Brazil, which is why his favourite team to use in FIFA 08 is the Spanish giants. However, did manage to find out that his favourite formation is based on 4-4-2 and that he practices for two hours several times a week.

In his own Asian Zone, the 22-year old is followed by fellow Australian gamers SCOOREY and FiNeSse7 who hold second and third place respectively but only the top two will advance to the Grand Final.

There were surprises in the latest rankings as previous leader, sergiosoares from Switzerland, dropped to sixth place. Although he has won 723 of the 843 matches played, it was not enough to keep him in the top five. England's DannyTaylor gained substantial ground on the leaders, outperforming countrymen lordSuffolk (15th), kentUK (16th) and is now only 90 points off bstay85's pace and in second place. However, he faces stiff competition from France's FigoAllan, who is only one point behind in third place. US's Vivasocca07 has also had a consistent run and remains in fourth spot.

CrazyBrasil still tops the South American confederation but tonozuo is gaining on him, and only six points separates first and second place. Choosen from Egypt is sitting pretty on top of the African Zone but in the Oceania race, NZskips has been dethroned by HopsNZ.

There is also a new leader in the North, Central America and Caribbean ranking. Strikeforce1 has been relegated to forth place as Vivasocca07 and michs09 top the rankings.

The race for the coveted online qualification spots is by no means over. The 11 finalists can only be sure of their places on 31 March 2008. The top ranked player in the South America, Oceania and Africa will join the top two ranked players from the North and Central America and Caribbean and Asian zones in Berlin, Germany. The top four European spots will also make their way to the Sony Centre in Berlin, Germany all vying for the title of FIFA Interactive World Player 2008.

It is not too late to enter the online qualifiers or alternatively, you can try your luck at the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2008 Live Qualifier Events. If you are successful, you are guaranteed a spot in the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2008 Grand Final at the Sony Center and a one in 32 shot at being crowned FIFA Interactive World Player 2008. In addition to bragging rights and substantial prizes, you will also receive your trophy at the prestigious FIFA World Player Gala.