Brazil-Spain: Quotes
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Venancio Lopez, Spain coach
First of all, I’d like to congratulate Brazil on winning the trophy. It was a terrific final between the two best teams in the world. Either side could have won it, and it was exciting right to the end. A fantastic show.

Luis Amado, Spain player
Six-metre shoot-outs aren’t a lottery. Brazil are an excellent attacking side, and we had a few problems keeping them out. I really can’t say if they deserved to win. I think we could equally well have won it, but the futsal fans are the real winners of this tournament.

Schumacher, Brazil player

I rate winning the World Cup higher than any individual award. Up until now, I haven’t had winning a world championship anywhere on my CV.

Falcao, Brazil player

A ten-tonne weight has fallen from my shoulders today. We’re champions of the world, and I’ve picked up individual awards. It’s a milestone in my career, and in my team-mates’ careers too.