Matches Played

Matches Played3

Goals scored

Goals scored0
Own-Goals For0
Goals Scored in Penalty Area0
Goals Scored from Outside Penalty Area0

Period in which goal is scored

Goals during 1st half0
Goals during 2nd half0

Goals against

Total goals against7
Goals against from penalties0
Own Goals0
Goals conceded in Penalty Area6
Goals conceded from outside Penalty Area1

Period in which goal is conceded

Goals against in the first half5
Goals against in the second half2

Player Statistics

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2Aaron SCOTT18500000
18Andy BOYENS319900000
5Ben SIGMUND17100000
16Chris JAMES23800000
10Chris KILLEN325000000
20Chris WOOD11500000
17Dave MULLIGAN318500000
4Duncan OUGHTON13500000
12Glen MOSS327000000
6Ivan VICELICH327000000
15Jeremy BROCKIE29500000
14Jeremy CHRISTIE317500000
21Kris BRIGHT1500000
11Leo BERTOS324600000
9Shane SMELTZ325600000
7Simon ELLIOTT327000000
8Tim BROWN323500000
3Tony LOCHHEAD327000000

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