With their win FIFA World Cup™ holders Italy, courtesy of a 40th-minute Mohamed Homos header, Egypt sent supporters into a frenzy from Cairo to Chicago, and Alexandria to Adelaide. FIFA.com sifted through the thousands of comments on the match, to bring you a selection of the best. 

The Eye Witness
"Unbelievable! The biggest upset so far. I was attending the Game; all South African's were behind the fellow Africans. Go Egypt Go!" mphozez (South Africa)

The Italian Reaction
"IF Lippi would have woken up and smelled the espresso we wouldn't have all the old folks on the field." AZZURRI134 (Italy)

The Historian
"The Pharaoh Destroyed The Caesar and The Statue Of Liberty Cant Hold The Sphinx!" Fouad90 (Egypt)

The Optimist
"...Gone are the days where European teams thrashed African teams...it won't be long before an African team wins the world cup." kpawuu (Ghana)

The Mystic
"7000 yrs ago there was a prophesy on King Tut's tomb...saying a man will come after me and lead Egypt to glory. His name is aboutrika!" marosedo24 (Egypt)

The Diplomat
"Lippi, from Egypt I want to tell you that we do respect you so much. You are a great coach; your team is still a great team. Thanks for your words of praise to the Egyptian team." Orca1977 (Greece)

The Music Man
"Brilliant job done by Egypt, I am glad the Vuvuzelas did not bother them; they used them to their advantage." BraPule (South Africa)

The Couch Potato
"I took the day off to see my Brazilian team but the Egyptian performance blew me away. What a nice game to watch! Such a wonderful motivation and passion coming out of the Egyptian players! Congratulations Egypt! I guess a new football era is shaping in the Pharaohs' land." BrazilCanada (Canada)

The Statistician
"Italy's loss to Egypt is not their first loss to an African team. In 1988 at the Olympic Games in Seoul, South Korea, it was beaten 4-0 by Zambia. Please crosscheck your facts." Longinus (Nigeria)

The Convert
"Absolute superstars...hope they make the world cup next year I'm becoming a huge fan." futbol98 (Australia)

The Chef
[Referring to goal scorer Mohamed Homos] "Homos means chickpea in Arabic And it is an Egyptian folkloric food. Here in Egypt we said that Italy would eat chickpea not pizza after the match. " Carlos-egy (Egypt)

There you have it, mixed reactions from all corners of the world. Have something to add? As always, your comments are welcome and appreciated here on FIFA.com.