Halfway through, and the FIFA Confederations Cup is certainly heating up.

Last night saw some exciting football, with a historic African win when Egypt defeated current World Cup title holders, Italy in an Ellis Park nail-biter. 

During last night's exciting clash there were more than just your usual football fans in the stands, with both Miss Egypt and Miss Italy shouting loudly for their teams, at times even drowning out the now commonplace drone of the vuvuzela.

With the game still on, 21-year-old Miss Egypt, Yara Naoum, was reluctant to take time out from the action on the pitch. "It is so exciting to see my team doing so well," she beamed.

This is Naoum's first visit to the host nation, "I am amazed by how advanced South Africa is. The houses, the roads, the cities and the people's English and level of education are all so impressive."

"The football experience in South Africa is amazing, overwhelming actually," said Naoum.

Quite rightly Naoum was full of praise for her national side, "I think our chances in the tournament are very good, and tonight I am very proud of my team. Football means everything to Egyptians, it is our most popular sport, pastime and even the most popular television programme is on football."

Miss Italy, Claudia Russo (26), has been to South Africa before for the 2008 Miss World contest and was involved in the FIFA Confederations Cup draw, "I love it here, Durban and Soweto are two of my favourite places to visit. It is the diversity that I find so amazing, South Africa has many faces."

"People are very kind, hospitable and warm, just like the Italians," said Russo.

Russo has been taken aback by the FIFA Confederations Cup, "It is my first time attending a big tournament like this, it is all very exciting, I am a big Italian football fan," said the beauty queen, despite her sides 1-0 defeat at the hands of the Egyptians.

When asked who her favourite player was Russo laughed, "I think Pirlo (Italy) is great, Kaka (Brazil) too."

Miss Italy is no stranger to the beautiful game, "I played football when I was younger, in the streets of my home town in Sicily. Nothing serious, it was all just for fun."