As a promising young footballer, 13-year-old Alfonzo Davis has a dream of one day running onto the field in a Bafana Bafana jersey to represent South Africa at the highest level of football.

Although the Tshwane/Pretoria based defender still has some work to do until his dream can become a reality, a visit to Loftus Versfeld stadium brought him one step closer to tasting football glory as he was allowed to hold the coveted FIFA Confederations Cup trophy on its tour of the stadium.

"It is my first time seeing a trophy like this and it makes me want to play better so that I can have it one day," said Davis.

Davis and his team-mates have all been selected from schools in the Tshwane/Pretoria area to travel to South America in September to play against schools in Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina.

"I am very excited about going there (South America) to play soccer. It is such a good opportunity for us," said Davis.

As all the promising football stars clamoured for a feel of the glistening gold trophy, some of the youngsters predicted who would eventually lift it in the air after the FIFA Confederations Cup Final on 28 June.

"Spain is definitely going to win this year," said 13-year-old midfielder, Montell Louw while others chanted the name of Bafana Bafana as they gathered around the trophy for pictures.

Despite differences of opinion on who will be crowned champion after the tournament, all agreed that being able to stand next to the trophy was certainly special.

"It is a shock to see such a trophy in real life, this is so great and I will definitely play hard so I can one day play for South Africa and win this trophy," said 11-year-old striker, Kevaan Herbert.

With Loftus Versfeld hosting some big games including the big clash between Brazil and Italy, the young players are excited to watch their heroes in action on their home turf of Loftus Versfeld.

"I will definitely come and watch the games here, I want to see the best South American players before we go over there," said Louw, referring to the Brazilian team who will be playing two games at the stadium in the first round.