Brazil-USA: Quotes
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Dunga, Brazil coach
My team is highly motivated and very professional. I have some very talented players who have been here for 20 long days without their families and without having had any holidays and still they have shown their complete commitment to the national team. It's very difficult to come back when you're 2-0 down but my players are extremely fit. We have worked hard to achieve that fitness and it has paid off.

We had some difficult games in the group phase but we have kept our calm at all times, which makes the job easier. In 20 days together there has not been the slightest problem and that's something I've never seen from a team before. That shows you how professional my players are.

Everything has been perfect here both in terms of security and the hotel. Our technical staff have been very, very happy with things, and the fans have given us a really warm welcome as well. I think next year's World Cup will be a very friendly event and that will give everyone a lift. We just can't wait for it to come around.

Bob Bradley, USA coach
We played a fantastic game, especially in the first half. We put a lot of pressure on their central defenders with Jozy Altidore and Charlie Davies. But they scored straight after the break and we never recovered from that. The goal came very quickly and that hurt us. You just can't afford to give players like Luis Fabiano any space, but that's what we did and we paid the price straightaway.

Kaka made all the difference after that. You can't contain him. He creates space, he starts attacks and he's a tremendous asset for any team. Despite it all, I'm very proud of my players. I'm not sure if this match will change the way people look at our game but I do know that we've made progress. People can now see that we've got a great side and great players. We've taken a step forward for sure.

Budweiser Man of the Match Kaka, Brazil forward
We won thanks to the group we have here and I'd like to dedicate this man of the match award to the whole team. The World Cup is next year but before we can start thinking about that we need to qualify first. What we mustn't do now is get carried away. We won here because we stayed calm and kept our cool. We will certainly be among the favourites next year if we qualify but we'll need to keep things nice and calm.

Lucio, Brazil defender and captain
Scoring the winning goal and lifting the trophy means an awful lot to me, especially as I've had a very hard season. Even though we were losing 2-0 at the break, we felt we could do it when we came back out on to the pitch. That's the strength of our team; we just never give up. We keep on fighting till the end and it's that desire to win that has taken us so far. And what makes this victory even more special is the fact we came back from 2-0 down.

It's my first title as skipper but I've been waiting for this moment for a long time. I've always dreamed of something like this, of helping the Seleçao to win a title. We wanted to bring some joy to the people of Brazil and we've done that. That's what makes us so happy.

Landon Donovan, USA forward
We are disappointed. They scored so early in the second half that it knocked the wind out of us. They never stopped pressing after that and they deserved to win. When you see them play, the players that they've got, you understand why they are what they are. We got so close, though, and that's the most disappointing thing. There's no guarantee that we'll be back playing in a final any time soon and that hurts.