Egypt-USA: Quotes

Bob Bradley, USA coach
We started the game with a lot of energy, which is something we didn't do against Brazil in our last game. We scored early and that helped settle us into the game. We talked at half-time about keeping up the pressure and trying to get as many goals as we could; knowing it was 3-0 for Brazil against Italy in the other game. We're excited to be moving on, it's a big achievement for us to be in the semi-finals. Egypt are a very good team, but this tournament is difficult because the time between games is short.

Shawky Gharib, Egypt assistant coach
The two games against Brazil and Italy took their toll on the players. There is very little recovery time for us here at this tournament. Our performance was not up to the level that it needed to be today, and that is why we lost tonight. We will try to learn from this experience and improve for our upcoming World Cup qualifiers. I must congratulate USA, but the problem was in our team tonight.

Clint Dempsey, USA, Budweiser Man of the Match
It was a tough game and the odds of us going through were slim. All we could control was our own performance. We had to play our best game and hope things went right for us. We ended up getting the result we needed and we need to focus again and get ready for the next game against Spain.

Landon Donovan, USA captain
We thought it was our last game, honestly, we just wanted to go out and give a good showing. We ended up playing our best game so far and we were calm. This is a really happy moment for this team and we just want to enjoy it and think about Spain when the time comes, tomorrow.

Michael Bradley, USA midfielder
In our last two matches we had to play large chunks of the game a man down, and that's a hard thing to do. Today we were able to keep 11guys on the field and get a better start than we did in either the game against Italy or Brazil. It's an amazing thing and I can't even begin to properly explain how happy I am right now. This team never stops scrapping and clawing and fighting. We proved people wrong tonight.

Essam El Hadary, Egypt goalkeeper
I am stressed and angry about the result. We played very well against Brazil and we beat Italy, but today we were not the same team. We failed to go through to the semi-finals by a one-goal margin. It's frustrating, but that's football and there's nothing you can do. I had to get five stitches in my head, but that injury doesn't hurt nearly as much as losing this match. I am gutted, we all are.