Spain-Iraq: Quotes

Vicente del Bosque, Spain coach                                                    
Iraq played with a lot of dignity and intelligence. As a team they are aware of their limitations and they made it exceptionally difficult for us. We tried everything. We tried to play down the flanks, through the middle, shoot from distance... We did manage to create several chances and we could have scored a few more but I'm pretty pleased all the same because we've achieved our first objective here in South Africa, which was to reach the semis. We've managed it after just two games as well, which gives us a chance to take things a little easier going into the third match.

Bora Milutinovic, Iraq coach                                                               
I'm very happy. Normally the boys don't get much time to prepare and they were up against a team of the stature of Spain. It's very important to know who you are and how you play, and I think our organisation was just perfect because we didn't want to lose 5-0 to Spain. That wouldn't have been very clever of us. After all, what's the point of trying to create more chances if you end up losing 4-0? With this result we now have a chance of going through to the next round with just two points, depending on how other games go. I'm going to enjoy this result for a long time.

Xabi Alonso, Spain midfielder and Budweiser Man of the Match            
It wasn't an easy game at all because the Iraqi defence just didn't let us settle into our rhythm and didn't give us any space. We tried everything and I even ended up having a few shots from distance. We only managed the one goal but fortunately that was enough.

Nashat Akram, Iraq captain                                                               
It was a really tough game and we did the best we could. That's football, though, and in the end it's the best team that wins. Our coach does his job really well and that's why we achieved this result today.

Xavi, Spain midfielder                                                                      
They played very defensively and that made things hard for us. They really closed things down at the back, but the main thing is that we're in the semi-finals. We need to keep playing good football and getting good results, and we're very happy with this run. Let's hope it continues.