Cantona: United will rule Europe
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Football legend Eric Cantona, the star of a new film competing at the Cannes Film Festival, has predicted triumph for his former team Manchester United over Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League final.

"I'll give you a straight answer," he said when asked at a press conference who would win on 27 May. "Manchester."

Cantona compared United manager Sir Alex Ferguson - who was leading the team back in the 1990s when the French icon was there - and Ken Loach, the director of his film titled "Looking for Eric."

"The way they work is 100 per cent for the players, they are both very humble. They got me to give every bit of myself. Alex Ferguson is a great coach and Ken Loach is a great director," he said.

The former footballer, who has already acted in several films, plays himself in the new movie, appearing like a vision to help a Manchester postman also named Eric whose life is spiralling out of control.