Atlante-Barcelona: Quotes
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Jose Cruz, Atlante coach
I’m very happy and very proud of my players. We were up against a brilliant side but I hope we caused them problems in both halves. Against many teams, we would have won tonight, but unfortunately we were against Barcelona. We’d have had a better chance if Messi had stayed on the bench. He changed the whole dimension of the game immediately. He’s just a brilliant player who had excellent players around him.

Pep Guardiola, Barcelona coach
I’m very pleased we won but it was very difficult. As I said beforehand, Atlante are a quality side. They pass the ball well and have a lot of speed, especially with Rojas. But I think we were the better team and the result reflected that. The support we received was absolutely fantastic. With the Estudiantes fans and our followers, the final will be a wonderful spectacle.