Tite: We cannot afford mistakes
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Corinthians boss Tite has said that his side need to produce a flawless performance to beat Chelsea in the FIFA Club World Cup final.

Tite denied his South American champions were behaving too much like underdogs ahead of tomorrow's showdown in Yokohama. However, he left little doubt what it would take to stun their European counterparts and take the trophy back to Brazil.

"We cannot make any mistakes," he said. "Each individual player has to be in very good condition on the pitch and has to be aware of the role he is playing. That's all there is too it."

The man who ended Corinthians' agonising wait for Copa Libertadores glory this year added: "We have to have courage, we have to have the spirit to play with respect. "That is the kind of fight that we have to have tomorrow."

Tite bristled at suggestions his side had too easily surrendered the favourites' tag to Chelsea. "Respecting my opponent doesn't necessarily mean that we think that we're underdogs," he said. "Let me be very blunt: at Corinthians, we want to win. I just seriously want to win."

No South American side has managed to land the FIFA Club World Cup since 2006, with Santos swept aside by Barcelona 12 months ago. "Each match and each tournament is a totally different story," Tite said. "Santos conceded two goals in the first half and that kind of decided the game. But I'd rather not point out the clubs being defeated previously."

Let me be very blunt: at Corinthians, we want to win. I just seriously want to win.

Indeed, Tite was keen to point out that the man sat next to him in today's press conference had already tasted success at the tournament. Midfielder Danilo was playing for Corinthians' arch-rivals, Sao Paulo, when they beat Liverpool - under Chelsea manager Rafael Benitez - in the 2005 final.

Danilo said: "It's a similar situation, maybe. But the past is the past. The opponent is a different team, the timing is different. So I don't know if the past experience would make a difference."

Luck was on Sao Paulo's side seven years ago and Danilo said of tomorrow's match: "Our opponent is at a very high level compared to us. We are not able to make any mistakes. We have a big responsibility, too."

He added, pointedly: "We can win and deserve to win."

Tite confirmed Danilo would move inside from the left wing to central midfield tomorrow, with Jorge Henrique replacing Douglas. Benitez chose not to reveal his own line-up and Tite said: "The coach maintains his own style and he shouldn't change it. I don't want to change my style."

That includes a style of play that has been criticised for being un-Brazilian. Tite added: "Corinthians have a style of our own and it's very clear. We have been building this style and the characteristic of Corinthians is to respect the opponent but still be attacking. We didn't come here accidentally to play in the final."

The Brazilians will also have the lion's share of supporters tomorrow. Tite said: "I will not promise to them that we will win and be the champions but I will promise that we will do our best and perform well."