Monterrey-Esperance: Quotes

Victor Vucetich, Monterrey coach
I think it was a good match, and to some extent we were able to demonstrate the capabilities of this team. It was a very positive experience for us and in future, given another opportunity at this tournament, I hope we can do much better. Fifth place was not our goal, but that’s where we’ve ended up and today we played very well to at least secure that consolation. We capitalised well on our opportunities and I think the fact we have beaten a strong team like Esperance shows the growth of football in CONCACAF.

Nabil Maaloul, Esperance coach
I regret that we have ended the tournament with this result. We were not strong enough in defence, and that was one area where I felt we needed to be especially diligent. But I think we played very well in the second half, and I do feel this was a very high-level match. The game felt very short to me; time passed very quickly. But this club will have more big games in the future and I just hope that next time we can achieve better results.