Craig Bellamy admits he will be heartbroken if he does not feature in Liverpool's UEFA Champions League final against AC Milan this week.

The Wales striker has scored nine times in his first season at Liverpool, but injuries have restricted his playing time in the lead-up to Wednesday's showpiece in the Olympic stadium in Athens.

"I am not daft enough not to realise I will not get a bigger night in my career than this," said the 27-year-old former Newcastle United, Celtic and Blackburn Rovers player, whose career has been plagued by a series of injuries.

"There is no guarantee I will be involved, but I aim to be in the squad, grasp the opportunity and relish being in such a final. It is something I have been working for all my life. All the rehabs I have been through after the string of injuries I have had will be worthwhile if I am involved in this.

"This is the moment for me. If it happens then everything I have done, all the rubbish I have had to go through, all becomes worthwhile. This has always been my goal, my aim to play in the biggest competition in the world. Apart from the World Cup Final, which I know I am not ever going to play in, this is the biggest event of my life.

"I am just trying to make sure I cement a place at least on the bench. I don't to be watching it from the stands because that wouldn't help. I just want to be involved, and hopefully lifting the trophy up. Then it does not matter what any one has said, or written about me, I will have the biggest trophy of all in my back pocket to always bring out now and again."