Luka Bonacic (Sepahan coach): "We went into this match as favourites but we weren't expecting it to be easy. We had to make do without a few regulars and that made things difficult for us. Nevertheless, we scored twice in the first five minutes, which was obviously a perfect start and made the rest of the match a lot easier. Waitakere used the long ball to put us under pressure as the match went on, particularly in the last 15 minutes, and they showed that they are a good team. We lost the final of the AFC Champions League against Urawa, and now we have the privilege of playing them again, which I'm very happy about."

Mahmoud Karimi (Sepahan captain): "It was a pretty clear result with Waitakere only looking dangerous towards the end. We had a few players missing but we still put in a good performance. The Urawa match will be an interesting one. The two teams are evenly matched and of similar strength. We'll obviously do our best and hopefully manage a win this time. I think we stand a good chance."

Chris Milicich (Waitakere United coach): "We made three mistakes which led to three goals. At this level, that's obviously fatal. Sepahan are a very strong team who pass the ball round well. They showed why they have done so well in the Asian Champions League. We were probably a little nervous at the beginning since we don't get to play teams of this standard very often. We didn't shy away from the challenge, but our mistakes were obviously what cost us, so I'm obviously very disappointed."

Danny Hay (Waitakere United captain): "This defeat really hurts. At this level, you can't afford to make mistakes like that. We started off by showing them too much respect. In the second half, we caused them a few problems but it was already too late by then. We lost because of three stupid mistakes and that's obviously a real disappointment."