Bertrand Marchand (Etoile du Sahel coach): "Winning this game and continuing in this tournament is a dream come true. Perhaps we didn't have too much possession, but we knew Pachuca were stronger both technically and going forward. That's why the only way to play them was the way we did today: cautiously while waiting for our moment to arrive. We did it well, which I'm very happy about, especially for my young players. We've showed with this win that we deserve to be African champions and, above all, that the team with the most possession doesn't always deserve to win."

Enrique Meza (Pachuca coach): "We're bowing out disappointed because of the defeat, but I'm very pleased with the level of my players. I feel we worked well as a unit and had the better scoring chances, but we didn't capitalise on them and ended up losing the game. Etoile deserved to win because they scored a goal and, in football, it's goals that decide games. That said, I believe we played better and created more chances than our opponents, who defended in great numbers. As I said already, although I'm leaving here sad, I'm very proud to have had a team that gave their all our there on the pitch."

Moussa Narry (Etoile midfielder and scorer of winning goal): "Even though they were the dominant side, at half-time we spoke and came to realise we could go on and win the game. We knew that if we continued to defend that way, we'd make things hard for them and wear them out in the second half. My position on the day? I played a more withdrawn role than usual, but it was for the good of the team. When we saw the Pachuca players tiring, I ventured forward and was lucky enough to get the chance to give my side the victory."

Miguel Calero (Pachuca goalkeeper and captain): "We're leaving here very sad and dejected as we hadn't expected this defeat. Etoile didn't show anything special, but they did score and so we're out. I honestly feel we had the best scoring chances and deserved better luck. As for the goal, the ball took a deflection and I couldn't gather it as it was moving too quickly. As you would expect, everyone in the dressing room is devastated, but we have to pick ourselves up and get back to work."