Abel Braga (Internacional coach)
We were very nervous today. It was our first match at the tournament and we felt the pressure. Ahly had already played here in Japan. That may have been the most important game in the club's 99-year history. We weren't on top form, half my players fell below their normal standard. Yet again, what we've seen today is that every team always has a chance of winning. I think we were probably slightly lucky winners today.

Our two youngest players scored the goals and decided the game. The Brazilian association has today submitted an official bid to host the 2014 FIFA World Cup, which is why the young players are so important for our country. For example, Adriano has already appeared a number of times for the national B-team, as has Alex Pato. Internacional have a very good youth development programme.

Asked what happened to the samba style today
We're not here to talk about samba, we're here to play football. And besides, Carnival in Brazil isn't until February. We came here with the sole intention of winning, and that's what we've achieved. That's all that counts. If you really want to watch samba, go to the cinema.

Manuel Jose (Al Ahly coach)
We gave them far too much space at the back, which wasn't something we planned to do. But that's the difference between a top Brazilian team and an amateur side: they were clinical about exploiting the space.

There's nothing to compare with Internacional in Africa, so I'm proud of the way my players performed today. I'm delighted, because we've shown how well an African team can play. Unless our team gives it 120 per cent, we'll never beat such top-class opponents. My players were a little overawed, but I still think we managed to match them, especially in the period after we equalised in the second half.

On his starting line-up
We decided to add a midfielder at the expense of a striker. Internacional were very mobile and kept coming back at us. We got forward more in the second half as we'd worked out how they were playing, and that also meant our defensive positioning improved.

Comparing Brazil with Egypt
Brazil is one of the most advanced footballing nations. You can't compare Brazilian and Egyptian football, but what we've seen today proves we can hold our own.  

Fernandao (Internacional)
We're satisfied because your first game is never easy. We had to pass this test to see how we fared against a side that move the ball around exceptionally well. We had a good first half, but I think fatigue started to take its toll after the break. We'll have to improve considerably for the final, regardless of who we face.

Pedro Iarley (Internacional)
The important thing was reaching the final and we've done that. There was a lot of tension out there with it being our first game, and so it was tough. Who would I prefer to face in the final? It doesn't matter to me. You have to give your all no matter who you face, and we'll be looking for the right result.

Luiz Adriano (Internacional)
I was nervous before I came on, but once I got out there that soon passed. That was my first goal as a professional, and I'm really thrilled about it as it helped the team reach the final of the Club World Cup.

Clemer (Internacional)
The first game is always the toughest as it generates a lot of stress and tension. What's important though is that we're in the final, although I'm sure we can play better. For example, the goal they scored stemmed from a quick break out wide that caught us napping. That sort of thing shouldn't happen to us. Luckily, we got back on top and were able to score the second. It will make a difference whether we face America or Barcelona (in the final). Against one we'll be the favourites, against the other not. However, if we want to win the trophy we'll need to play well against whoever we meet.

Flavio (Al Ahly)
Our plan was to make it as difficult as possible for Internacional to play their game, and that's what we did. We got the equaliser and did everything in our power to go on and win the game, but it wasn't enough. What did we lack out there? More concentration, as I think both their goals stemmed from our mistakes. Nonetheless, I think on the whole it's been a positive experience, as we came here to improve on last year's performance and that's what we did. Of course, now we've got our sights set on third place.

Mohamed Aboutrika (Al Ahly)
I believe we performed well considering we were up against a great side like Internacional. We had a lot of scoring chances in the first half, which we failed to capitalise on. Furthermore, they were able to take full advantage of our mistakes. I think we can be proud of how we played, although we still have third place to aim for. It doesn't matter whether we face America or Barcelona, we'll go all out to win that one. Hopefully, all this will help us return again next year.