Most African supporters know all about the exploits of midfielder Mohamed Barakat and striker Emad Moteab, but the third point of the so-called Bermuda Triangle is a bit more of a mystery.

Since Mohamed Abutreka joined Cairo giants Al Ahly from second division side Tersana in January 2004, the talented midfielder has made a huge impact, scored a dozen goals in less than five months as the "Red Devils" have conquered all before them and forced his way into the Egyptian national side.

Abutreka spoke to about Ahly's record-breaking run, the influence of coach Manuel Jose and staying cautious ahead of the final second leg against Etoile Sahel.
Are you satisfied with your club's run in the competition?
Without a doubt. We had a very good season last year and we have been progressing since then, we were named favourites before the competition kicked off and we were able to beat the former champions Enyimba in our group twice which proves that we deserve our reputation.
You have been unbeaten for 16 months. Has that boosted your confidence?
There are two sides to every coin. Of course, we are now more confident but on the other hand we are always more concerned about breaking this impressive run and don't be surprised when I tell that we even wonder ourselves when it is going to end.
Were you happy about returning from Tunisia with a goalless draw?
It's definitely better than losing, but I think we should have won there. Etoile played a very defensive match and we were shocked by the way they played on their own home turf. I think it was a very tense encounter and they were more afraid to lose than looking for a victory, which left us no chance to try to win as we always do.   
So you do not think that Etoile will cause Ahly any threat in Cairo?
On the contrary, I expect them to play a better game in Cairo and let's not forget that they are in the final for the second successive year - any team that reaches the final of the continent's top club competition twice in a row deserves all the respect.
What is the secret behind the attacking style that you have been employing over the past two years?
Our coach Jose is continuously and consistently demanding a victory whether we are playing at home or away and he succeeded in implanting that spirit in us. His screams from the touchline inspire us during games.
Did Jose influence you especially?
For sure. Do not forget that I joined Ahly from a second division side and in a very short period I became the team scorer and joined the national team. Everything happened very fast and I owe a lot of it to him because he really taught me almost everything I know.
Now you are only one step away from winning the title. Do you see it happening?
I'm totally convinced that we are the side that deserves the cup the most, but I'm really worried about the atmosphere before the final leg. There's a lot of anticipation and pressure which may affect our concentration. I urge our fans to delay their celebrations and continue supporting us until the final whistle so we can achieve our dream.