Sometimes a picture says more than a thousand words, particularly when the subject is a gesture of peace such as the moment the captains of USA and Iran shared before their encounter at the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Rio de Janeiro 2007.

"The exchanging of gifts was a show of peace for the entire world," commented Stars and Stripes skipper Francis Farberoff. "We'd seen news stories on the game that mentioned the political situation and that gave me the idea of buying white flowers as a symbol of peace. The Iranian captain was moved by the gesture and they returned the compliment by giving us a memento."

The warm round of applause that greeted the exchange did not come as a surprise to USA coach Roberto Ceciliano "By showing love and affection through sport we can bring about world peace. That was the idea behind the gesture."

Farberoff's opposite number Abbas Hashempour echoed the USA skipper's sentiments. "The exchange of gifts showed that it is possible for our two nations to remain at peace with each other. In sport, peace is stronger than any divisions. I would really like to see this gesture repeated not just by the two countries' leaders but by their people as well."