Alexandre Soares, Brazil coach
I thought we worked really well as a team. Everyone had a big role to play as part of a strong unit. We weren't surprised by the result because Brazil have always beaten Mexico comfortably, although the result of the group game was still very fresh in our minds. We were quicker today, we had more shots on goal and were on target more. The team got better as the tournament went on and deserved the title.

Ramon Raya, Mexico coach
There's a very big difference between Brazil and Mexico and I was expecting an adverse result for that reason. We only started playing beach soccer four months ago and we arrived in Rio de Janeiro with very few matches behind us, unlike our opponents. Despite everything, though, we marked pretty tightly and we didn't let Brazil play their aerial game. Our aim now is to reach the final next year.

Bruno, Brazil player
This is the second time that I've won the adidas Bronze Ball but the medal is much more important to me as it symbolises the team's victory. It means a lot, both for me and the fans. We're very close as a unit and that's because the success of the team means more than individual success.

Junior Negao, Brazil player
Brazil have got some great footballers and when you put a strong team together it's very difficult for other sides to beat you. I told my team-mates before we went out that we needed to play this game as if it were the last of our lives. I wanted to make sure they all knew that the team came before any individual players. And we went out and did it.

Morgan Plata, Mexico player
It was a tough game anyway but with the fans right behind their team it became even harder for us. We're very happy about taking second place, which is reward for all the hard work the players have put in. We showed the potential Mexico have and I hope our achievements here can increase support for the sport in our country.