Venancio Ramos, Uruguay coach
This win gives me less joy than it might because I'd have preferred to be in the final. But I told my players that we needed to believe in ourselves. Yesterday, we conceded a goal after nine seconds and today we conceded one after ten. That proves we still have to improve in the future.

Eric Cantona, France coach
I'm very angry because the team has been preparing all year for moments like this and we couldn't seize it. We had several chances to kill the game when we were leading 2-1 and we didn't take them. We didn't demonstrate a real desire to win this match.

Pampero, Uruguay player
I'm very happy because we fought hard for this medal. We heard a lot about how many cards we picked up last year and this year we've really tried to change that. The proof is that we've been the most fair-play team here. I'm delighted with my two goals because I'm not used to scoring. It's a great feeling to score from time to time.

Jeremy Basquaise, France captain
It's a huge disappointment because we came here to win the title and we weren't even able to take third place. We lost to a great team with enormous potential. If you want to win you have to play well, and we didn't deserve victory today given the way we played. Nothing went our way in this competition and penalty shoot-outs are all about luck. We'll definitely be motivated to come out on top in Marseille next year.