Ramon Raya, Mexico coach
We knew that Uruguay would be very strong at the back, so we looked for ways of getting in among them and keeping the pressure on. Before the third period I asked my players to concentrate harder than ever because that's when experienced teams go out and win games. I'm a realist, though, and I have to admit I'd never thought we could make the final.

Venancio Ramos, Uruguay coach
We lost the game in four minutes. I can't believe what happened to us with all the experience we have. I'd much rather lose because of the other team's virtues than our mistakes. All the same we had a good tournament, but we'll have to sit down and look at why we didn't make the final again this year.

Morgan Plata, Mexico player
I'm delighted. We were very focused at the start and never lost our concentration. I think Uruguay were tiring in the third period and that's where we made the difference. The key to our run here is that we changed our mindset when we arrived in Brazil: we felt we had what it took to reach the final and we've gone and done it. Now we're going for the title.

Ricar, Uruguay player
It was a very even game. We made a lot of mistakes at the end, they made us pay dearly for them, and we didn't have any time to react. I'm very disappointed to miss out on playing another final, but we've just got to start thinking about the third-place match. We'll be treating that game with the importance it deserves.