Alexandre Soares,Brazilcoach
Eric Cantona tried to motivate his players by saying France were better than Brazil, but he must have known that wasn't the case. France always play the same way and that made things easier for us. As you can see, we managed to score six times. At 4-1, I decided to rest some of my squad ahead of the Final and bring some substitutes on.

Eric Cantona,Francecoach
I'm not surprised by the way Brazil played. I was expecting a good match and I got one. We should have been better in front of goal. We weren't good enough technically today, but we kept battling away right up to the end. The lesson we learnt today is that you have to take your chances and play your football whenever the opposition give you the chance.

Brazil are very tough to beat here at the Copacabana in front of our home fans. The only way to beat us would be to have five Madjers in the same team. That doesn't mean we've won the title already though. France scored really quickly, but we came straight back two seconds later, which was really important to make sure that doubts didn't creep in. This was our best match so far as a team.

Jeremy Basquaise,Francecaptain
Brazil managed to score at all the right moments - they gave us a real lesson in finishing. We were up for winning the match but it proved to be a bridge too far, facing Brazil in front of their home crowd. Tomorrow, we'll have to go out there and make sure we get third place. As regards the Final, Brazil obviously start as favourites but Mexico might surprise them yet.