Alexandre Soares, Brazil coach
Madjer made it a very tough game for us. He's a genius and he always appears when Portugal need him most. We were slow up front, missed a lot of chances and our marking was sloppy at times. Nevertheless, we put on a great show.

Jose Mateus, Portugal coach
It was a very evenly balanced game and the little things made all the difference. It was brilliant match for the fans to watch too. Portugal can go home with their heads held high as the team did the jersey proud. Brazil were the favourites but that didn't stop us from looking for the win and putting in a great team performance. Overall, I'd say that the tournament has shown that the difference between the teams is very small now.

Buru, Brazil player
Because we were on edge at the start and made a few errors, I think that was our best match of the competition so far. That said, we need to improve for the remaining games and concentrate really hard. On a personal note, I'm delighted to be up there with the top scorers.

Madjer, Portugal player
It was an even game and we lost because we made too many mistakes in defence. There's no need for us to be ashamed, though, as we lost to the world champions after all. We came to Rio hoping to win the world title, and to do that you have to beat everyone, including Brazil. For me the best thing about the tournament has been the emergence of the African teams.