Eric Cantona, France coach
We played well, but once again we wasted too many chances. We could have been 4-0 up and the match would have been over. In the end, we were a bit lucky to get the victory again. Now we'll have to win against Brazil. They've had some difficult matches this year, so they'll surely be in the same physical condition as us.

Amadou Diop, Senegal coach
The African teams were here to learn and we learnt a lot. In technical terms, the level of this competition is very high. Physical condition is essential in a World Cup and we had one player injured and two suspended today, which made life too difficult. By the end, France were the only team with anything left in their legs. But despite the defeat, I'm happy with our campaign.

Didier Samoun, France player
This was without doubt our best performance of the tournament. We're surprised to be the only European team to have qualified. Now we have to concentrate on Brazil, who are a great side and one we'll have to be very wary of.

Gomis Mbengue, Senegal player
We did everything we could, but without three key players it was too much for us physically. We really missed Pape Koukpaki a lot because he's an extraordinary player. But we never gave up, not even when they scored their fifth goal.