Venancio Ramos, Uruguay coach
Nigeria are very strong physically. I knew we'd have to score from all our chances. We didn't have many, but we had more than them and we took them. We're getting better and better in this World Cup. We knew our old form would come back and today it did!

Kelechi Emeteole, Nigeria coach
It was a tough and evenly-balanced game. We played with tactical discipline but we lacked a bit of luck. We were very determined and did our best during the whole match, but it just wasn't enough in the end. I'm sure beach soccer will grow rapidly in Nigeria. It's a new sport and we're gaining experience and learning from the best teams in the world. Our performances this year have been a lot better than they were last year and that means we're on the right track.

Matias, Uruguay player
It was a relief to score the first goal because we were very nervous. We had a lot of problems in the first round and never managed to play well. We knew Nigeria would be a difficult team to beat, so that's where our anxiety came from. That first goal freed us. Now we face Mexico and we'll have to be even better tactically. We'll need to play well right from the start.

Uga Okpara, Nigeria player
I'm pleased with how we played today. Uruguay are a very good side, the second best in the world, in fact, because they reached the Final last year. It was a tense match as we knew we couldn't afford to lose it. Perhaps we'll be able to reach the Final next time.